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Thursday, February 9, 2017

United by Hazel Hunter

Michael has had to choose between serving the Templar which he has done all his life and protecting Summer and Troy. He has chosen his friend and his lover to the dismay of the Templar. Now they are out to get him. He is still recovering from a brutal attack where he sacrificed himself to save Troy and Summer. Together Summer and Troy brought him back with the strange power that only comes when they are all connected. With no where else to turn they all go back to the Silverwood coven to seek refuge. They are not welcomed but Troy's father eventually relents and allows them to stay as long as Michael stays away from the coven. 
Summer has come to terms with the fact that she and Troy and Michael must all be together for them to be bound together and her power to be fully realized but the men haven't decided if they are willing to share Summer even though they are beginning to understand that Summer's power might be the only thing that can protect both Templar and Wiccan from the threat that is to come. 

Will the three of them be able to give in or is it already too late?

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