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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Burn by Helen Hardt

This series gets better and better with each book. Helen Hardt is a masterful story teller who has the ability to weave sexy, romantic scenes into an amazing story that always keeps you guessing.
In this fifth installment of the Steel Brothers series we delve more into Melanie and Jonah’s relationship. When we last left Melanie she was fighting for her life in a garage with a running car. She had been abducted by a masked man and he had locked her in a garage trying to kill her by carbon monoxide poisoning. Melanie decides to fight for her life because she realizes that she is in love with Jonah Steel and can’t die without telling him. She miraculously frees herself and drives away from the scene to the hospital in the car that would have killed her. Jonah comes to her rescue in the hospital and takes her back to his house because Melanie can’t bring herself to go back to her condo where she was abducted. Melanie begins to learn to lean on Jonah and his love and support as she is healing from the physical and emotional aftermath of her attack but Jonah is beginning to feel guilt over the attack in his own way when he learns Melanie tried to call him during the attack but he ignored her call because he was mad at her. He is also fighting guilt over needing to tell his best friend Bryce that he suspects Bryce’s father, the town mayor, of being one of Talon’s attackers and possibly the man who abducted and tried to kill Melanie.
The Steel family is getting closer and closer to discovering who Talon’s attackers are and bringing them to justice but with every clue they discover they seem to find more questions. Will they ever be able to put the past behind them and bring all of Talon’s attackers to justice? Is Melanie’s attack related to Talon’s case? Will Jonah finally get past his guilt to build a life with Melanie or will he let his past ruin his future?
I love the relationship with Talon and Jade but I am really rooting for Jonah and Melanie. I love Jonah’s character and how complex he is. I love how he cares for his family and Melanie and will do anything in his power to make them happy even if that means putting his own needs aside. I can’t wait to read the next installment in this series.

I give this book 5 stars!

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