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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stolen by Hazel Hunter

Summer is getting settled into her new life as a witch in the Silverwood Coven. Troy, the warlock who is protecting her, is now her lover as well. The two are getting to know each other better as they are trying to figure out who Summer really is and what happened to her before she ended up in Central Park. Everything seems to be going well until Michael, the Templar who found her in Central park, comes back and takes her away from Troy. 

Michael keeps telling himself that the only reason he took Summer away from Troy is to protect her from the other Templars hunting her but he can't deny the attraction he has to her. He soon gives up his celibate lifestyle and takes Summer as his lover. At first Summer feels guilt in being with Michael but she soon realizes she doesn't want to choose between the two of them.

Troy is devastated to find Summer missing and is determined to find her. He tracks her back to Michael's place and finds the two of them together. At first he is furious but then he realizes that he feels compelled to join them. 

Michael, Summer and Troy are beginning to realize they all need each other in more ways than one and that being together might be the key to unlocking Summer's past and their future.

I give this book 5 stars!

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