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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Review for Hidden by Hazel Hunter

This is the third installment in the Forever Faire series.
This installment opens with the Dark Fae attacking the Forever Faire clan. Kayla watches in horror as her friend Christine sacrifices herself for Kayla. The battle ensues until a mysterious force comes upon them and give the Forever Faire clan victory over the Dark Fae.
As Ryan, Kayla and the others are helping the wounded Fae and mortals Colm and Christine who everyone thought was dead come back to life. Christine tells of a mysterious woman who was singing to her and brought her back from death and allowed her to bring Colm back with her. Ryan knows that this is special magic even for Fae and vows to learn more about what this means.
Kayla's sister, the Dark Fae changing, is injured in the battle but refused to talk to Kayla because she thinks Kayla no longer loves her and only loves Ryan. Kayla is forced to let others take care of her sister. She also realizes that she can no longer fight her feelings for Ryan, the Fae leader of the Forever Faire clan. He helps her discover that she might be part Fae herself and helps her hone her gift of speaking to animals. Against his better judgement and to keep his love Kayla happy, Ryan agrees to continue to protect Kayla's sister and take both of them with him and the Forever Faire clan when they leave the fair grounds to a more protected fortress.
Will Ryan and Kayla be able to overcome the odds that are keep them apart and find their happily ever after or will the Dark Fae and Kayla's sister continue to drive them apart?

Find out in this next installment of the Forever Faire series.

I give this book 5 stars and can't wait for the next installment.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hunted by Hazel Hunter

Hunted is the first book in the Forever Faire trilogy. In this book Kayla Rowe and her sister Tara are on the run from a biker gang that has been stalking them wherever they go. The only problem is that no one can see them other than Kayla and Tara. Kayla, being the older of the two sisters, decides they will move away from Florida and go north to get away from the gang. She sends Tara ahead to try to keep her safe and she follows a few days behind. Unfortunately Kayla runs out of gas just outside of the town where she is meeting Tara. After walking for miles she spots a man in the woods by a campfire and asks if she can stop to get warm. She and Ryan have an instant connection and Ryan decides to reveal himself in his true form as a Fae. Instantly regretting his decision, Ryan casts a spell on Kayla to make her forget what he has shown her and leaves her in the woods but not before Kayla sees where he has gone. Kayla makes it into town and, unbeknownst to Ryan, Kayla remembers everything about her meeting with Ryan. When she arrives in town she finds out that Ryan and his friends run a Renaissance fair just outside of town and are looking for part time workers. She and Tara decide to work there because Kayla thinks that Ryan might be the key to helping her and Tara stay safe. During her time at the faire Kayla and Ryan grow closer but Kayla and Tara’s troubles are far from over. The biker gang finds them again but they are not what they seem; they are more dangerous than Kayla could have ever imagined.  Will Ryan be able to protect Kayla? Why are these mysterious bikers after Kayla and Tara? Will Ryan and Kayla’s relationship move beyond mutual attraction to something deeper? Find out in this suspenseful, paranormal romance.

I give this book 4 stars.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Review for Jailbait by Emily Goodwin

Wow! I couldn’t put this book down as I was hooked from the first page until the last! I read the whole book in two days and that was only because I had to work in between (don’t you hate it when work gets in the way of reading J). I’m a fast reader but it’s only when I’m hooked like this I can read a book this quick.
Grayson King and Pepper Davenport were college sweet hearts from two very different worlds. Grayson is the son of a military father turned biker while Pepper is the heiress to a large fortune from her family. The two are very much in love until Grayson’s father gets in to trouble with his biker gang and Grayson has to run to his rescue. Grayson leaves Pepper in New York to travel to California to help his father thinking he will be back soon but things quickly get out of hand, and when his father dies Grayson is stuck with his father’s debt to the gang. Pepper, thinking Grayson has left because he doesn’t love her, is heartbroken and tries to move on with her life.
Six years later, Grayson is called back to New York by Pepper’s father when he hires Grayson to keep an eye on Pepper. Pepper’s father pays off Grayson’s debt to the biker gang, sets him up with a bank account, house and car. Grayson tries to keep his distance but when Pepper is mugged he can’t stand by and watch so he comes to her rescue. The two are reunited and, as much as Pepper tries to fight her attraction to Grayson since he broke her heart, the two can’t deny their chemistry and the reality that they are still in love with each other.
Slowly Grayson and Pepper pick up where they left off six years ago and Grayson fills her in on his past. They each want to leave the past in the past and move on with their future but they soon realize that there are people from Grayson’s past don’t want to leave things there and they are both in danger. Will Grayson be able to protect Pepper? Will their love be enough to overcome the past and be able to move on together? Can opposites that attract really make things work in the long run? Find out in this sexy, action packed romance from Emily Goodwin.

I give this book 5 stars!

Jailbait by Emily Goodwin

Title: Jailbait
Author: Emily Goodwin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 6
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Grayson King is anything but royal…
Pepper Davenwood is the embodiment of class…
They say opposites attract, but what happens when they collide?
Recently released from prison, the only thing Grayson wants more than a fresh start is a chance to prove himself to the only woman he’s ever loved. But with a past he can’t talk about, a criminal record he can’t explain, and the mess his father left in wake of his sudden death, Grayson knows it’s not going to happen.
Until it does.
And now that he’s back in her life, Grayson realizes the very woman he’d give up everything for might be the one to take it all away. Because the heart knows no limits when it comes to love, and Grayson will do whatever it takes to keep Pepper safe.
Even if it means breaking the law…again.

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About the Author
Emily Goodwin is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of over a dozen of romantic titles. Emily writes the kind of books she likes to read, and is a sucker for a swoon-worthy bad boy and happily ever afters.

She lives in the midwest with her husband and two daughters. When she's not writing, you can find her riding her horses, hiking, reading, or drinking wine with friends.