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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Melt by Helen Hardt

Wow! With each installment of the Steel Brothers Saga the mystery gets deeper and the scenes get hotter and this latest installment doesn’t disappoint on either.
In “Melt” we learn more about Jonah Steel, the oldest of the Steel brothers. While Talon was the one who was kidnapped and abused as a child Jonah, as the older brother, still feels responsible to this day. He was charged with watching out for his siblings and he feels that he failed in the worst way possible. He can’t seem to get over the guilt or the sense of responsibility he feels for his siblings even though they are now all grown adults. On Talon’s suggestion he goes to visit Talon’s therapist Melanie Carmichael. Jonah and Melanie are instantly drawn to each other and, though they know its wrong, they find themselves spending a passionate afternoon together instead of Jonah having therapy. Melanie tells Jonah that she can no longer be his therapist and thinks that will effectively end their relationship but Jonah will hear none of it. He wants Melanie and will do anything to make her his but she is fighting demons of her own.
While things are heating up between Melanie and Jonah, the Steel brothers are beginning to find more clues as to who the other two of Talon’s abductors were and one might be closer than they thought. Melanie’s past is also coming back to haunt her and will soon put her in danger?
Will Talon ever find out who the other two men who kidnapped him are? Will Jonah be able to let go of the guilt he harbors enough to have a future with the woman he is falling in love with? Will Melanie be able to finally let go of her past or will she finally pay for what she has done? Find out the answers to all these questions and more in a story so hot it might just melt your ereader!

I give this book 5 stars. 

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