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Monday, December 12, 2016

Yours to Bare

Do you believe in fate? Love at first sight? If you don’t you will after you read this book. Halston has been told since she was fifteen, and tragedy rocked her world, that she is damaged and won’t be able to function without medication and someone making her decisions for her. Finn is searching for something to make him feel anything but lost. He’s never felt good enough. Not for his mother who chose alcohol over him; not for his ex-wife who always valued money and appearances over him; not for his lover who chose her husband over a future with him; not a good enough photographer to make a living doing something he loves. Everything changes when Finn finds Halston’s journal. Reading her inner most thoughts through her poetry he becomes infatuated with her when they have never even met. When they finally meet the two begin to feel like two pieces of a puzzle that have finally been connected but will their love be enough? What happens when you bare yourself completely to another person? Can you ever be completely honest with someone and remain together when they know the good, bad and ugly about you? I was immediately drawn to Halston’s character. I see myself so much in her. Halston feels like she is hiding who she really is too everyone because she doesn’t think that they will accept her the way she is. That is until she meets Finn. She can be open with him but will it liberate or destroy her? This is a tale of true love but more importantly of self-discovery. This is a must read and I give this 5 out of 5 stars.

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