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Friday, November 4, 2016

Review for Addicted by Alex Lucian

If you love Pretty Woman then this book is for you. Pretty woman is one of my favorite movies and I love Richard Gere but Elias will put him to shame. He can rock a tux one minute then turn right around and be a rough neck the next which makes him even sexier.
Elias is grieving his sister’s sudden death at the hands of a drunk driver years after it has happened. He has lost his faith in everything and refuses to get close to someone because he can’t stand another loss like that. He is a freelance photo journalist and his job takes him all over the world so he is never in one place very long. He collaborated on a book so he finds himself in his home city of New York for a month doing promotions for the book. Being in on place for a month is making him restless so he does the only thing that makes him feel better when he is restless. He hires an escort for the night. He has always thought this is the best option for companionship since the women he meets are “professionals” and won’t expect anything from him in the morning other than a paycheck.
Ruby is a highly sought after escort. She has found that this is the only job that can provide her with the kind of money that a girl with no family in New York can use to pay down her massive student loan debt that is still piling up as she is working on her second master’s degree. She also needed something to make her feel like she is still in control of her life after spending eighteen months being verbally abused by her exboyfriend Nicolas. She has vowed she will never let a man have that much control over her again.
When Elias and Ruby meet the chemistry is instant both in and out of the bedroom and Elias quickly realizes that one night with Ruby will not be enough. He asks Ruby to be at his “beck and call” for the month he will be in New York. Ruby agrees and Ellias is more than willing to pay the fifteen grand to have her.
What seems like a simple business arrangement quickly turns into more than that as the two get closer and closer to each other. Suddenly what seems like a “job” to Ruby in the bedroom with Elias is feeling more and more like two people in love instead of a client and an escort.
Will Elias and Ruby be able to keep this a business relationship or will they let it turn into something more? Will Elias finally come to grips with his past and be able to create a future for himself and Ruby? Will Ruby be able to trust a man again after her horrible past? Find out in this steamy, unconventional romance.
I couldn’t put this book down! The sex scenes are so steamy but they are made better by the undeniable chemistry between the two characters. I highly recommend this book and will definitely be reading the other installments in this series.

I give this book 5 stars.

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