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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Do Anything by Wendy Owens

This is the fourth book in the Stubborn Love series but it can definitely be read as a standalone as I have not read the other books in the series and was able to follow the story extremely well.
In this story Annabelle thinks she has her whole life figured out. She has her dream job as an assistant editor at a publishing firm where she is paid to read amazing books and she is getting ready to marry her college sweetheart. All this comes crashing down when she walks in on him having sex with their neighbor from across the hall. After breaking up with him she decides that she needs some time to do some soul searching so she puts her condo up for sale and travels to England. Her goal is to visit all the places that inspired the great authors she admires and hopefully fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an author herself. Things are going well until she arrives at an inn called the Three Horseshoes and she meets Holden, the owner of the inn. She and Holden have an immediate attraction but both of them have been hurt. Just when Annabelle is beginning to let her guard down her past comes back in a big way. Will Annabelle and Holden be able to get over the hurt they have both experienced in the past and learn to trust each other again? Will Annabelle ever be able to move on from her past and build a future? Find out in this soul searching romance.
I absolutely loved this book. I really identified with Annabelle in that she had a difficult relationship that she had to get over and be able to find herself again. I admire how she had the courage to travel to another country on her own with no plan other than that she wanted to find herself. This was a great romance but also a great book just with Annabelle’s adventures and how she was able to find her own happily ever after.
I give this book 5 stars.

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