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Saturday, October 15, 2016

This novel is a paranormal romance about a pack of cougar shifters. Andromeda flees her dare, or pack of cougar shifters, after the Alpha’s son Kyle tries to force her to mate and marry him against her will. She leaves to seek shelter with the Keller dare, another dare in the Shadowcat nation. She knows that if she can convince the Keller dare Alpha, Jaxon Dare, to mate and marry her it will give her father the chance to take down the corrupt Alpha of her former dare. When she arrives at the Keller compound she is discovered by AJ who claims to be a protector of Jaxon Dare. He offers her asylm while she is tested per dare guidelines to see if she will be given the offer to join the Keller dare.
Andromeda, or Andie as she prefers to be called, is unaware that AJ and Jaxon are in fact the same person. As she spends more time with him they begin to develop feelings for one another that they are having a hard time denying. When Jaxon’s feelings for Andie begin to turn into more than just infatuation he tells her his true identity and asks her to marry and mate him.
Andromeda knows that this is the best course of action for her future and for her father to get the upper hand in her previous dare but she is unsure that Jaxon’s feelings for her are true. Will she be able to get past her misgivings and accept Jaxon’s offer? Will Kyle let her go that easily? Can Jaxon prove his love for Andie and protect his dare?  Find out in this action packed, paranormal romance.
I give this book 4 stars.

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