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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

This is the third installment in the Steel Brothers saga. 
Talon has realized that he can't live without Jade but he still feels he is not enough for her because of his past. He continues with his therapy making more and more progress each time. He has finally admitted that he was raped as a child and is now beginning to deal with it so he can move forward.
He and Jade have made their relationship public which is a huge step for Talon since he has never had a girlfriend before, only used women for sex. He has also told Jade he loves her and she has told him she loves him in return even though she doesn't know all his secrets she assures him that nothing will change how she feels about him.
As Talon begins to heal more and more in therapy more memories are coming to the surface. Things he had blocked out from his abuse are coming to light and he is getting clues about who the men were who kidnapped and raped him but got away with it so many years ago.
Will Talon be able to catch the men who abused him and bring them to justice? Will he and Jade ever be able to move on with their future or will Talon's past continue to put them in danger as they get closer and closer to catching the men who abused him?
Find out in this steamy action packed installment of the Steel Brothers saga.

I give this book 5 stars!

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