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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Review for Hidden by Hazel Hunter

This is the third installment in the Forever Faire series.
This installment opens with the Dark Fae attacking the Forever Faire clan. Kayla watches in horror as her friend Christine sacrifices herself for Kayla. The battle ensues until a mysterious force comes upon them and give the Forever Faire clan victory over the Dark Fae.
As Ryan, Kayla and the others are helping the wounded Fae and mortals Colm and Christine who everyone thought was dead come back to life. Christine tells of a mysterious woman who was singing to her and brought her back from death and allowed her to bring Colm back with her. Ryan knows that this is special magic even for Fae and vows to learn more about what this means.
Kayla's sister, the Dark Fae changing, is injured in the battle but refused to talk to Kayla because she thinks Kayla no longer loves her and only loves Ryan. Kayla is forced to let others take care of her sister. She also realizes that she can no longer fight her feelings for Ryan, the Fae leader of the Forever Faire clan. He helps her discover that she might be part Fae herself and helps her hone her gift of speaking to animals. Against his better judgement and to keep his love Kayla happy, Ryan agrees to continue to protect Kayla's sister and take both of them with him and the Forever Faire clan when they leave the fair grounds to a more protected fortress.
Will Ryan and Kayla be able to overcome the odds that are keep them apart and find their happily ever after or will the Dark Fae and Kayla's sister continue to drive them apart?

Find out in this next installment of the Forever Faire series.

I give this book 5 stars and can't wait for the next installment.

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