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Monday, September 26, 2016

Review for Tutus and Cowboy Boots Part One by Casey Peeler

Wow, wow, wow! Can’t say enough about how much I love these sweet southern romances from Casey Peeler!
In this novel Cadence has her world turned upside down when her father cheats on her mother with his secretary and her and her mother have to move from New York City to her mother’s home town of Delight, North Carolina. Not only is Cadence a typical “city girl” but she is an aspiring ballerina who has been dancing since she was a little girl with one of New York’s most prestigious dance studios and plans on becoming a professional dancer. She is devastated that not only does she have to leave her friends and everything she knows but she feels that this will be devastating to her future as a dancer.
Cadence and her mom move in with Cadence’s grandmother in Delight and Cadence quickly learns that life will never be the same. Ms. Mae, Cadence’s grandmother, teaches Cadence that respect is something that is expected of her and she will need to work to earn the privileges that Cadence thinks she is entitled to.
Cadence slowly begins to open up to her new life in Delight and learns that hard work really can pay off. She also starts learning about the true meaning of friendship and family and possibly a shot at love. She will soon have to decide where her true home is.  

I give this book 5 stars!

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