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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review for Another Shot at Love

Imogen Gorecki, Gen, has just experienced every girl’s worst nightmare. She’s just walked in on her boyfriend Brent cheating on her with this ex-girlfriend. After throwing all his things out in the street Gen moves back in with her parents until she can get back on her feet. Four months later she has a new job and her own place but no new boyfriend to replace Brent much to the dismay of her overprotective sisters and best friend. When her twin sister Lexi announces her engagement to her longtime boyfriend who happens to be best friends with Brent they all decide Gen needs a new man and fast so she won’t have to go solo to Lexie’s engagement party. Catherine, Gen and Lexie’s older sister, begins to set Gen up on a series of blind dates to help her find Mr. Right. Each date is worse than the last until, while leaving the latest horrible blind date, she bumps into Matt. Literally. The two instantly hit it off but with Gen experiencing trust issues because of her cheating ex and Matt getting over a recent divorce neither of them want a serious relationship. As they begin to spend more and more time together however it’s getting harder and harder to deny the chemistry between them.  Can they each find a way to get over their past and take another shot at love? Find out in this lighthearted modern romance.

I give this book 5 stars!

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